Recover money, assets and property with the High Court enforcement experts

  • Unpaid judgments or orders - fast nationwide enforcement for claimants and solicitors

    Welcome to The Sheriffs Office, the experts in debt recovery and enforcement services across all of England and Wales.

    If you or your clients need to recover money owed, evict tenants or trespassers from land or property, or get back assets, including high value items, you have come to the right place!

  • Taking the stress out of property – fast and effective services for landlords

    If you’re a landlord, property lawyer or managing agent with residential or commercial property, our property specialists evict tenants and recover rent arrears.

    We also evict squatters, protesters and travellers from land or property, and provide a full range of security services to protect it afterwards.

  • A recovery rate second to none plus zero fees for instruction and transfer up

    We work hard to get back what you are owed and our recovery rates are consistently far in excess of the industry average.

    We manage the transfer of your judgment or order to the High Court for enforcement free of charge. There is a court fee which, along with the enforcement fees, is recoverable from the debtor.

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Our services

ECB accreditation

The Sheriffs Office is accredited by the Enforcement Conduct Board, maintaining higher standards for all concerned.

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We enforce judgments, recover assets, evict trespassers (property or land), repossess property and recover rent arrears.

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We help residential and commercial landlords recover rent arrears and evict tenants, squatters and travellers.

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Local authorities

We enforce CCJs for sundry debt and rent arrears, and evict trespassers, travellers and activists from land or property.

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Whether a multinational or SME, we enforce your judgments to recover money owed by debtors in the UK and overseas.

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Debt collection agencies

We work alongside you to enforce your clients’ judgments to recover money owed by debtors in the UK and overseas.

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Individuals and sole traders

We help by enforcing County Court judgments and possession orders to recover money you are owed and property you own.

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Utility companies

Enforcement is a balancing act between good credit management and good customer relationships.

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Supporting large enterprises to recover unpaid judgments that they are owed, including volume instructions.

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