To instruct us to recover an employment tribunal award or ACAS settlement, you can download the PDF.

Please note: To view and use our download forms you will need to have Adobe Reader 9 (or greater) installed onto your PC. The latest version of this software is available to download free of charge – Click here to download.

By completing this form you will become a client of The Sheriffs Office and therefore agree to our terms and conditions and to paying the £71 court fee.

Please note that this PDF instruction form can only be used for:

  • An employment tribunal award or ACAS settlement
  • Award or settlement not older than 6 years
  • Not more than two enforcement addresses
  • Enforcement addresses are in England or Wales

For other types of instruction, please choose the relevant form from the menu on the right, or call Client Services on 0333 001

On completion we will:

  • Automatically add interest where applicable
  • Add £71 court fee to the case (we cannot add any additional costs/expenses unless directed to by the courts)
  • Send you an email confirming that we have received your instruction
  • Send you a separate email detailing what we require from you to proceed with enforcement