Welcome to The Sheriffs Office, the experts in debt recovery and enforcement services

We are one of the largest and most successful firms of High Court Enforcement Officers, providing outstanding customer service.

Whether you’re a lawyer, business, individual or government body, our nationwide team of highly experienced Certificated Enforcement Agents will act promptly to recover what you’re owed, with recovery rates far higher than the industry norm.

Whether you need to recover money, evict tenants or trespassers from land or property, or secure assets, including high value items, you have come to the right place.

Money judgments

As authorised High Court Enforcement Officers we can enforce your unpaid court judgments and orders over £600 and up to six years old.

We will transfer your judgment or order to the High Court for enforcement, managing the entire process for you free of charge. There is a court fee for the writ which, along with the enforcement fees, is recoverable from the debtor.

To view a full list of court fees and enforcement fees click here.

Specialist eviction services

In conjunction with our sister company, National Eviction Team, we evict squatters, protesters and travellers from land or property, and provide a full range of security services to protect it afterwards.

Property services

If you are a landlord, property lawyer or managing agent with residential or commercial property, our property specialists evict tenants and recover unpaid rent under CRAR or by judgment.

We have a 100% success rate and will act quickly to secure your property.

Asset recovery

We support a wide range of organisations, finance companies and lawyers to recover assets, from aircraft, to machinery and vehicles, from artwork and manuscripts to sculpture and collectibles. We also remove counterfeit goods from circulation.

Specialist enforcement services

We have specialist teams to work with you in the enforcement of overseas judgments and arbitration awards, as well as experts in aviation, maritime and construction enforcement.

Whichever service you require, The Sheriffs Office is the debt recovery and enforcement partner of choice.