We take complaints very seriously, so if you have complained we are sorry that you have felt a need to do so.

Our procedure

This procedure has been prepared for your benefit in plain language.

The purpose of this procedure will be to arrive at a conclusion that will be mutually agreeable to you the complainant and to us as a company which is entrusted to enforce High Court judgments or orders.

What to expect

Your complaint must relate to enforcement action in which you are personally involved. We cannot consider complaints arising out of you watching or reading material published on the internet or other media, for example, that relating to the eviction of trespassers.

We ask you to submit your complaint in writing, outlining your grievance (you may have already done this). Please email enforcement@thesheriffsoffice.com

As you will appreciate in order for us to fully investigate your complaint we would ask that you provide the following information to us:

  • Your full name
  • Your business name
  • Your home and business address
  • Our reference number
  • Parties to the writ
  • Date(s) our agent called to your address
  • A clear statement of your complaint (why you are aggrieved)
  • Any documentation that you feel will be useful in support of your complaint
  • An indication of what you are looking for to satisfy your complaint

N.B. We would ask that you stick only to the facts and avoid speculation.

All correspondence concerning your complaint should be addressed to:

Client Services Manager
The Sheriffs Office
Vaughan Thomas House
141 Walter Road
SA1 5RW.

You can also email us at enforcement@thesheriffsoffice.com.


Our Client Services Manager will carry out a full internal investigation regarding your complaint.

Due to reduced capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic, please allow up to 40 working days for a full written response.

What if I disagree with the Client Services Manager’s response?

Should you disagree with the response, then your complaint will be referred to a Director for a final decision.

What if I disagree with the decision?

There are still remedies available to you should you still not be satisfied with the outcome. You may complain to the High Court Enforcement Officers Association Limited at:

High Court Enforcement Officers Association Limited
Drake House
Gadbrook Park

Please enclose all correspondence from you to us and from us to you, so that the Association has a full picture of what has been said.

You may seek legal recourse through the courts, however you may wish to obtain legal advice for this course of action.

Notes for general guidance

We will not investigate any complaints regarding the following:

  • Complaints that are awaiting an outcome from the Courts
  • Complaints that are of a frivolous or vexatious nature
  • Complaints about other High Court Enforcement Officers
  • Complaints about other enforcement agencies