We provide the full range of High Court enforcement and certificated enforcement agent services for solicitors across England and Wales, supporting large and small firms to meet their clients’ requirements.

County Court and High Court Judgment enforcement

If your clients have unpaid County Court or High Court Judgments, we can transfer them to the High Court. We can enforce judgments against individual and business debtors.

Volume judgments

If your clients, such as utility or telecoms companies, have a larger volume of judgments on an ongoing basis, we are set up to accept bulk ulpoads of instructions and will work with you to manage the enforcement fairly and ethically, in line with treating customers fairly and their brand values.

We enforce with professional courtesy, ever mindful of the importance of your clients' relationships with their customers. Our enforcement officers are all trained in how to identify and work with the vulnerable.

Foreign judgments

We can enforce your clients’ judgments issued in courts outside England and Wales against defendants with assets based in England or Wales.

Enforce unpaid employment tribunal awards & ACAS settlements

If your client has been awarded money, either through ACAS or an employment tribunal, but not been paid, we can enforce their award, regardless of its value.

Writ of delivery

We are authorised to enforce writs of delivery to recover specific items for your clients, as well as seize and remove counterfeits.

Pre-enforcement debt collection

We can also help you with debt recovery before you need to move the case on to the judgment stage


If your clients need to remove trespassers and activists from property and land, we can conduct the eviction for you, either under Common Law (land only) or a High Court writ.

Commercial property

We recover your clients’ rent arrears, either through CRAR or under a court Judgment, and we can repossess their property from tenants, either by forfeiting the lease or under a writ of possession.

Residential property

We can enforce your clients’ CCJs for rent arrears and repossess their property from tenants under Section 42 of the County Courts Act 1984.


We have a large team to trace defendants and absconded tenants, searching a wide range of databases including those exclusive to tracing services.

Execution fees claimable by solicitors

When we successfully enforce a case, solicitors and in-house solicitors can claim a fixed execution fee of £51.75 (no VAT). This is added to the amount recovered from the judgment debtor and is paid upon successful enforcement of the writ.

CPD training

We publish a fortnightly newsletter with articles that provide detailed information on aspects of High Court enforcement. We also run regular webinars, which are CPD accredited by the Law Society.

Working with us

Once you start working with us, we will provide you with an Account Manager who will be your main point of contact.

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