We support large enterprises to recover unpaid judgments that they are owed.

County Court and High Court Judgment enforcement

If you have unpaid County Court or High Court Judgments, we can transfer them to the High Court and our enforcement officers will attend to take control of goods (formerly known as seizure) belonging to the debtor to pay the sum owed. In the majority of cases, the threat of losing their assets is enough to secure payment.

We can enforce CCJs against individual and business debtors. In the case of business premises, we are permitted to force entry to take control of goods.

Volume judgments

If you have a larger volume of judgments on an ongoing basis, we are set up to accept bulk instruction uploads and will work with you to manage the enforcement fairly and ethically.

We enforce with professional courtesy, ever mindful of the importance of your relationships with your customers and theirs with your brand. Our enforcement officers are all trained in how to identify and work with the vulnerable.

To recover counterfeits

If your products and intellectual property are being counterfeited, we can act under a writ of delivery to remove the items from circulation.

Items sold on hire purchase

If you supply goods on a finance agreement and wish to repossess those goods after the buyer has defaulted on payments, we can also do this under a writ of delivery.

Tracing a debtor

We have a large team to trace defendants, with access to many databases, including those exclusive to tracing services.

Working with us

Once you start working with us, we will provide you with a Key Account Manager who will be your main point of contact.

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Having a long term debt with a client presents challenges. We knew this would be the case when we discovered our defaulter was a clever, resourceful serial fraud whose company and name was published on a website that lists unpaid debts. This was the first time we realised we were not alone. He had been ordering services like ours for years and never paid debts even when he had a judgement against him in court. Through their professional procedures and attention to detail, The Sheriffs Office was able to collect the full sum in spite of an assault on one of their staff by one of the family members at the debtor's residence. We were able to keep up with progress reports which added to our peace of mind. All in all, this was a first class service.