Thank you for instructing The Sheriffs Office, we hope we can recover what you’re owed effectively and efficiently and that your journey with us is a positive experience.

We would like to point out that we are not legal advisors here at The Sheriffs Office and, although we can offer advice on our own services, we cannot provide legal advice of any kind. Having agreed to our Terms of Business, you may be wondering what happens next, therefore we have outlined some key points for you below.

The court order

If you have not already uploaded a copy of the court order, please email a copy to

The £71 court fee for the writ – how to pay

In order to proceed we require a payment for the court fee of £71.00. This can be made by bank transfer. Please use the details below quoting the court claim number as the reference.

  • Bank Account Name: SHCE Ltd
  • Bank Account Number: 41559274
  • Bank Sort Code: 60-01-04

Alternatively, please make your cheque payable to HMCTS and send it to

The Sheriffs Office, Transfer Up Dept., Helix, 1st Floor, Edmund Street, Liverpool L3 9NY

If you have access to Document Exchange (DX), you can send the same to DX: 14104 LIVERPOOL.

Please quote the court claim number on the reverse of the cheque.

Obtaining the writ

Once the writ fee has been received from you we will apply to the court for the writ. The courts may take up to 10 working days to process a writ application however, given our favourable relationship with them, they usually deal with our application within 3-5 days.


Once the writ of delivery has been obtained, our enforcement agent will attend to enforce it within 7 to 15 working days.


After attendance we will send a written report, usually via email, of the Enforcement Agent’s findings. Should there be any other significant developments we will report these to you and ask for further directions if necessary.

Any enquiries should be sent to or by calling 0333 001 5110 where our staff are on hand to assist you. Please quote your SOC reference number (we will send you this once your instruction has been processed).

Processing your data

Please see our privacy policy for details of the data we hold once you instruct us, how we process that data, retention and removal of data.