We bring you encouraging news for both creditors and landlords.

Enforcement at residential properties

The Ministry of Justice has announced that the guidance asking enforcement agents not to enter residential properties to take control of goods will end on the 31st May.

Being able to enter the judgment debtor’s property will undoubtedly aid visits to enforce a writ of control.

Residential evictions in England

The legislative moratorium on residential evictions by an enforcement agent in England expires on the 31st May.

Should you have a writ of possession case that needs enforcing, please instruct us and we will get the wheels in motion. Please note that the first day we will be able to send out notices of eviction is 1st June.

The moratorium on residential evictions in Wales is in place currently until the 30th June.

Government guidance on safety during Covid-19

The Government’s guidance “Working safely during COVID-19: enforcement agents (bailiffs)” remains in place at this time, which sets out some of the steps to help ensure that enforcement action is undertaken safely. Our own procedures do, of course, comply with this guidance.

if we are made aware either prior to or on arrival that anybody in the household has symptoms or is self-isolating, we will not proceed with a visit, in accordance with Government guidance.

David Asker

David is an authorised High Court Enforcement Officer and our Director of Corporate Governance