I have just opened my mail & a cheque has been sent from the claim I put in. I am so overjoyed, I can't tell you how grateful I am to the Sheriff's for getting money owed to me. I wouldn't have stood a chance of getting it if I hadn't contacted you. Thank you so very much.

Nickie Illingworth

Just to confirm that I received a cheque today from you for the sum owed to me. I went to the bank smiling all the way, something I didn't even dare to dream about with the antics of Mr C ducking and diving. Once again I really cannot thank everyone enough that worked on my case. I am still stunned that he actually paid. Now I can get on with my life instead of being daily consumed with... “Will he won’t he pay”. Thank you.

Dawn Swarbrigg

I would just like to say THANK YOU. When I started proceedings through the Small Claims Court, I never really expected to see any money. After the trauma of the proceedings, trying to get payment seemed insurmountable but you took all that stress away. I am amazed, delighted and if you were close at hand I would give you a hug. I think you are wonderful. Many many thanks.

Janet Cromwell

I would like to thank the officer and the whole of The Sheriffs Office team for such a great service. Today I find it very difficult to get any glimpse of a service from many companies and organisations. However you have restored my faith. I must stress how refreshing it is to know that I could rely on your services once again. Thank you.

David Lewis

Collecting money is difficult these days. My client issued a simple debt claim but this was met with a defence which though not frivolous and vexatious was bordering on it and unlikely to succeed. We decided to make an application for summary judgment which was contested all the way to a hearing where the Defendant then without notice to us consented to Judgment but then sought leave to make application to pay the Judgment by instalments. The Court granted leave but subject to formal application setting out the grounds for the application. No application to pay by instalments was made. To enforce Judgment my client chose the services of The Sheriffs Office and to transfer up the judgment debt to the High Court. The Sheriffs Office process for transfer up is easy and the court fee not substantial. They kept us informed all the way. The Officer attended to enforce and the Defendant even then misrepresented the position to him stating that payment had been made in part to the client with an instalment plan. The Sheriffs Office requested verification and we confirmed no such thing had been agreed. The next communication from The Sheriffs Office the same day was that payment had been made in the full sum of the judgment. My client and I were delighted. A seemingly tortuous journey to judgment was ended quickly and efficiently to the satisfaction of all save the Debtor. Well done The Sheriffs Office. I will have no hesitation in using The Sheriffs Office again.

Mr K, Somerset

Dear Sheriffs, just a quick thank you for your excellent work in getting the money owed to me by Mrs H. After nearly six and a half years of chasing her for my money I had all but given up hope of ever seeing it again, but thanks to you I have now heard those wonderful words "paid in full", once again thank you so much.

Mr A Bailey

Just a quick email to thank you for recovery of the outstanding debt from my previous employer. I am so pleased to be able to finally close what has been a very stressful situation. Keep up the good work!

Ann Vigus

I have just received your email regarding my claim, and want to say a big thank you to you all for all you have done, my wife and I have been fighting this case for three years, thanks to you we eventually have justice. Its my wife's birthday today and she is over the moon, you have certainly made our day, A great big THANK YOU to all at The Sheriffs Office.

Michael Murphy

Enforcing a residential eviction had proved to be a slow nightmare via the County Court and having been told there was a wait of at least 3 months to get their bailiffs to even visit I was facing yet more frustration when the tenant refused to accept the possession order. I stumbled on the section 42 variation process purely by chance and found the most comprehensive amount of information on the Sheriffs Office website. On speaking to them they explained the procedure very clearly and guided me through the whole process. From initial phone call to final eviction of the dreadful tenant took a mere 9 days including the court time and consequently saved me a huge amount of money in the long run. Gerard and his team could not have been more helpful or acted in a more professional manner and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody in a similar situation.

WH, a very happy London landlord

We would like to say a big thank you to your office, having received the final cheque in settlement of the above claim. Having lost all faith in the court system, I am so pleased we contacted you. This means we can now get our car put right and we can now end the year, putting all of this stress behind us. May we thank you once again for all of your hard work and effort in helping us.

Mr & Mrs Peck

Great job guys, feels great to have my property back. I'm sorry the psycho pulled a knife on your guys but they dealt with it brilliantly! Although she has threatened to break back in I think that was probably (hopefully!) just bluster! Thanks again.

Mr H.

I am so grateful. Since I've been a widow I have found that it’s difficult to get fair help and advice, your company has been brilliant. I would never have known except for the TV programmes despite having instructed a solicitor to work on my behalf and having spent hundreds of pounds doing so, and not really being able to afford it. I think your company is amazing. Thank you.

Liz Roberts