Our experienced team of process servers covers the whole of England and Wales and serves legal documents everyday on behalf of solicitors, lawyers, local authorities, Government agencies, companies and private individuals.

Our services

If you have a document such as a writ, injunction, statutory demand, bankruptcy or winding up petition, claim form, divorce or family proceedings or a court order that needs serving anywhere in the UK, then one of our experienced process servers can do this for you, promptly, correctly and professionally.

All work is carried out according to your direct instructions and on a fixed fee basis. We will:

  • Serve your documents promptly and in accordance with CPR rules
  • Serve the papers in accordance with your special instructions
  • Ensure all data protection and human rights legislation is adhered to
  • Keep you updated at all times and advise you when service has been made
  • Monitor all cases we are dealing with and ensure they are returned to you on time
  • Ensure that all statements or affidavits are completed correctly

To instruct our process servers

You can instruct us by email. If you need to serve original documents, please send them along with the letter of instruction and the information requested below by recorded delivery to:

The Sheriffs Office
Vaughan Thomas House
141 Walter Road

Please include an email address and a contact name of the person dealing with the case. We will confirm safe receipt of your documents either by email or telephone.

If your service is very urgent we can attempt a same day service which can also include collection of the papers from you. We would need to confirm our availability and costs for this work prior to receiving instructions. Once your documents have been served we will provide you with the appropriate statement or affidavit confirming service. A brief report will be provided detailing any matters we encountered or information that may assist you.

Process service check list

Check the following before instructing us:

  • Check the process server has sufficient time for service - if the deadline for service is less than 3 days away, you must contact us by telephone 0333 001 5100 so we can confirm and plan for your instructions
  • If there is a latest date for service, please specify this on your instruction
  • Check the name of the person being served is correct - if it is incorrect, you must take it back to the Court and ask them to amend it. Only a Court Officer is able to make the amendment - doing it yourself may invalidate the document. Failing to amend it can result in the service being invalid as the person served can argue they are not the person named on the document
  • Check the service address is complete - although an incorrect or incomplete address does not invalidate your document, it can cause a delay serving your document
  • Check whether you can provide any other useful information - by providing any of the following information we can ensure our process servers attend at the right times and speak with the right people:
    • Times when the subject is likely to be home
    • Work address
    • Vehicle details
    • Physical description or photo
    • Age or date of birth

This will help with the prompt service of your documents to the correct party.