The Sheriffs Office has been appointed by the Ministry of Justice to enforce judgments awarded in other countries against a debtor based in or owning assets in England or Wales.

Our nationwide team of enforcement agents act under the control of our Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers, as approved by the Lord Chancellor and Ministry of Justice.

European Enforcement Order (EEO) & European Order for Payment (EOP)

The enforcement is conducted under an EEO certificate or an EOP Declaration of Enforceability that allows a creditor to enforce a judgment in another EU state without needing to undertake any other court proceedings. You apply for the EEO certificate or EOP Declaration of Enforceability at the court that awarded the judgment.

Instructing The Sheriffs Office

  • Call us on +44 333 001 5100 or email us (please note that our team members only speak English)
  • We will contact you, where necessary, with the forms for your signature
  • We will obtain the writ of control (known as a writ of fieri facias prior to 6th April 2014) on your behalf and commence enforcement

Other Services

  • If you have a debtor in the UK but do not have a judgment against them, call us for assistance
  • We can also conduct a trace on your behalf to locate the debtor and their assets

About The Sheriffs Office

The Sheriffs Office is one of the largest and most successful HCEO firms in the UK:

  • Consistently recovering far more money for our clients than the industry average
  • Full payment obtained in 75% of all enforceable cases (2012 data)
  • Officers throughout England and Wales
  • Large pre-enforcement, enforcement and legal team at our London Head Office
  • Our Chairman Peter Watt is a director of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association
  • Awarded "Enforcement Team of the Year" in November 2012
  • BBC has made three highly successful award-winning television series featuring The Sheriffs Office

Next steps

To find out more or instruct us, please email or phone us on +44 333 001 5100.