Using the power of the High Court writ to take control of aircraft and engines to return them to the aircraft financier or to satisfy a judgment debt.

We provide a full range of specialist and effective enforcement services for the aviation industry, including:

Writ of delivery to recover the actual goods:

  • Recovery of aircraft on behalf of the aircraft financier
  • Recovery of engines at end of lease

Writ of control to enforce a money judgment

  • Seizure of aircraft as a high value asset to recover sums owed for creditors
  • Seizure of aircraft on behalf of creditors with foreign judgments via a European Enforcement Order or reciprocal treaty

The power of the writ

The writ authorises the enforcement agent to seize the asset – this powerful tool prevents the defendant from moving or disposing of the asset. Indeed, to do so is a criminal offence.

Enforcement costs and court fees are added to the sum recoverable from the defendant. In the case of a claim for money, judgment interest may also be added to the sum recoverable.

Our expertise

We have an unequalled level of experience and expertise in aviation enforcement.

David Asker, director and authorised HCEO, leads our Aviation Team. He is a well-known and highly regarded specialist, frequently invited to speak at aviation events.

Our services

Our services for this specialist area of enforcement include:

Pre enforcement:

  • Extensive sources of information on the location of aircraft
  • Obtaining orders to waive the Notice of Enforcement
  • Detailed planning, including engagement with the Civil Aviation Authority, Police, UK Border Agency, Foreign Office, as required

During enforcement:

  • Complying with all legal and statutory requirements
  • Securing all documentation and advising all appropriate authorities
  • Arranging specialist insurance

Post enforcement:

  • Storage and maintenance of seized aircraft
  • Negotiating payment
  • Arranging sale via a broker

Outstanding service

When you instruct us, your case will be overseen by David Asker, who will lead the planning and execution of the enforcement action. You will also be assigned a highly experienced Account Manager and provided with access to our secure online case management system.

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