Based in south London, The Sheriffs Office is one of the country’s leading firms of High Court Enforcement Officers. We are also Certificated Enforcement Agents (previously called certificated bailiffs).

If you are owed money and have a court judgment or order for £600 or more, we will enforce it for you by taking control of the assets belonging to the debtor. If they still do not pay what is owed, then we will sell those assets at auction to cover the debt. You can also recover court fees, enforcement fees and judgment interest from the debtor.

We have a nationwide team of enforcement agents, allowing us to cover all of the country (England and Wales), regardless of where your debtor is based. For pre-judgment services, we offer a nationwide debt recovery service.

We can also help if you are a landlord with rent arrears, property to repossess or squatters to remove.

In addition to businesses, landlords and individuals, we support solicitors across London with enforcement services for their clients.

And you may have seen some of our enforcement agents on TV in the award winning BBC One show “The Sheriffs Are Coming”.

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