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Are there any animals or hazardous materials at the address that we need to be made aware of?
Have there been any threats of violence made to any party?
Would you like The Sheriffs Office to arrange the locksmith/security to secure the land/premises?
If a building, do you wish the property to be shuttered?
Is the property alarmed?
Is there a communal access door?

It is crucial that, once the possession has been concluded, we sign off the instruction

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The Land MUST be identified on a Land Registry Map or Local Authority Plan and sent along with this application.

PDF, Word or an image accepted. Files no larger that 4MB.

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of the stated land and have full legal authority to authorise this action

And for so doing, this shall be your sufficient indemnification against all actions at law, as well as against all fees, costs, charges or expenses which you may incur or be liable to pay by reason of your executing this instruction.

I further confirm that I am in a position to authorise the actions set out in this form.

Legal notice

Read our Terms and Conditions.

Residential evictions – under Civil Procedure Rule 83.8A it is a legal requirement to serve a 14-day Notice of Eviction (unless otherwise specified by the court), if the tenant leaves during the notice period or the eviction is cancelled, the client/claimant remains liable for the full quoted/invoiced amount.

Commercial evictions – on larger evictions (three x officers or more) a minimum period will be quoted to cover the deployment and attendance of our officers, the agreed minimum period will be chargeable regardless of whether enforcement is completed sooner.

Cancellation – if an eviction (other than a residential eviction) is cancelled within 48 hours of the planned date and time the client/claimant will be liable for 50% of the quoted charges, if an eviction is cancelled within 24 hours, then the client is liable for the full quoted/invoiced amount.

Due to health and safety reasons we are unable to process your instruction without the completion of this form.

Please ensure it is completed in its entirety, as the instruction form is used to ascertain how many agents will be required to enforce the writ safely and successfully. We may also carry out a risk assessment visit for the same purpose. Once these steps have been completed, we will contact you with our available dates and times for your consideration.

The terms will apply to all services provided by us to you, except as expressly varied by The Sheriffs Office, a trading style of SHCE Limited.

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