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Are you the solicitor/barrister, landlord or agent?
Is the landlord VAT registered?
Address of the instructing party
Are the Landlord’s name and address details the same as the previous page?
Landlord name
Landlord address

Signing over vacant possesion

It is crucial that, once the possession has been concluded, we sign off the instruction.

Tenant(s) address
Does the lease state that the premises is to be used wholly for commercial use and is the premises being used in accordance with the lease?
Have you previously attempted to effect CRAR or Forfeiture under the current lease?
Type of premises?

Method of entry: please provide details of any electronic doors/gates or special instructions.

Is the property alarmed?
Common doors?
Is there access to the common doors?
Are there any animals of hazardous materials at the address that we need to be made aware of?
Have there been any threats of violence made to any party?
Is the tenancy excluded from the Landlord and Tenant Act?

PLEASE NOTE: to effect the use of forfeiture, the lease must have a forfeiture clause and the relevant period must have elapsed (usually 21 days). We will require a copy of the lease with this form.

Upload a Word document, text file or PDF. Max file size 2MB.

Have you any photographs, land registry map, local authority or site plans of the property?

PDF, Word or an image accepted. Files no larger that 4MB.

Post forfeiture instructions
Would you like The Sheriffs Office to arrange a locksmith/security to secure the land/premises?
If a building, do you wish the property to be shuttered?

Legal notice

Read our Terms and Conditions.

Upon receipt of your instructions, one of our Commercial and Eviction Services team will contact you to discuss your instruction and our charges for doing so.

By submitting this form you hereby agree you have the authority to act on behalf the instructing party.

Please provide us with the written instructions with regards to the agent meeting us on site or where you would like us to post the keys to if different from the instructing party's address. Unless stated otherwise we will send keys to the address of the instructing party.

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