We are High Court Enforcement Agents and Certificated Enforcement Agents (formerly known as bailiffs) based in Croydon.

We work with solicitors, business owners, landlords and individuals across the Croydon area to recover your money and property.

It does not matter where in the country your debtor is, or the property you need to repossess, as we provide a nationwide service across all of England and Wales.

If you have a CCJ (County Court Judgment) that hasn’t been paid, we can transfer it to the High Court and then enforce it on your behalf to recover the money you are owed, including your court fees and judgment interest, as well as enforcement fees.

If you have not yet obtained a CCJ, we can help you with our highly effective debt recovery service.

If you own property and have rent arrears, we can also recover these for you, as well as repossess property and remove squatters and activists.

The Sheriffs Office is the team featured in the award winning BBC One show “The Sheriffs Are Coming”.

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