Whether it be individuals, families, sole traders, tenants, limited companies or partnerships, our tracing agents have the latest, up to date information available meaning fast, detailed and accurate results.

We have significantly invested in tracing software, further complementing our team of office and field agents. Compiled from a wealth of Data Protection compliant sources, we currently hold contact information on over 70% of UK residents, with 90% of records including a precise date of birth – a unique and often invaluable identifier when attempting to trace individuals.

Our software is updated with over 250,000 records each month, and continually enhances the database via an extensive data acquisition program, ensuring we hold the most comprehensive dataset available.

Furthermore, both individual names and/or sole trader names can be checked through the Government's Insolvency Register, detailing any bankruptcy or administration orders issued against the subject.

Our tracing agents have direct access to all Companies House records detailing every aspect of each company listed. This includes, but is not limited to: parent companies, trading addresses, registered offices, directors' names, home addresses (when available) and dates of birth, named shareholders, solvency, court judgment history, winding up petitions, administration orders, liquidation details, financial risk assessment and financial accounts.

We also have access to these databases

  • The Land Registry, detailing the ownership of every property in the UK
  • The BT database which is updated daily with the name of the registered bill payer, even if the number is ex-directory
  • The UK Directory Enquiry database which is updated with over 50,000 amendments every day
  • The Experian database giving details of any credit applications made for an individual and/or company at an address

Tracing individuals

The date of birth is perhaps the single most useful piece of data. This makes tracing people much easier.

We can search jointly for couples, married or co-habiting, to find details for one or the other. We can also look for any association with the tenant or debtor and trading names, either a sole trader “trading as” or a limited company.

Phone numbers are very useful too – we can reverse look up landline numbers. While we cannot get account holder details for mobile phones, we can check whether the phone is currently registered on the mobile network in the UK – very helpful in disproving claims that the tenant has gone to live abroad.