If you need to obtain a judgment against someone who owes you money in England or Wales, you can either use a solicitor or the Government’s claims website, Money Claim Online.

There is a court fee, set in proportion to the value of your claim. Court fees are lower when using Money Claim Online.

If you prefer to use a solicitor, we have a recommended panel in your area. We always advise seeking independent legal advice, especially if your claim is disputed or likely to be defended.

Money Claim Online can be used for a fixed amount no more than £100,000. Go to and give the details of the defendant, making sure you have their details correct, and the exact amount of the claim including interest at 8% per annum. Accuracy is important, as enforcement may fail if information is wrong.

If you are not confident in using Money Claim Online, The Sheriffs Office can manage the claim process on your behalf for a low fixed fee. Please contact us for further information.

If your claim is upheld, you will be awarded judgment. If it is disputed, the judge will make a ruling based on the evidence.

Once judgment is awarded, the debtor has 14 days to pay. If they don’t, please take a look at our video on enforcing your judgment.