If you have squatters, activists or protesters – on land or in commercial property, instruct The Sheriffs Office, authorised High Court Enforcement Officers, to evict them.

You need to apply for a possession order against “persons unknown”, normally via the County Court local to the site.

In certain circumstances, the application starts in the High Court - we can advise you which is appropriate for your case.

Once you have the order, we transfer it to the High Court to obtain the writ.

Evictions can be complex - protesters may climb onto roofs, chain themselves to infrastructure or trees, dig tunnels or set booby traps.

We conduct a full risk assessment before planning the eviction. This includes how many enforcement officers and Police officers we need. If necessary, we bring our specialist teams – for example climbers or abseilers for rooftop access, tunnelling and water access experts – plus their equipment.

On eviction day, we brief the team and police, get into position, then start the eviction – normally before anyone is awake. Once all squatters are removed, we secure the site and hand possession to the client.

Securing the site is essential to prevent further access. This can include security guards, fencing, boarding and even CCTV. We can recommend what measures you should take and provide them too.

Trespassers can cause significant damage, so act quickly by calling us on 0333 001 5100.