If you have an unpaid CCJ of £600 or more, you can transfer it to the High Court for enforcement by an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer.

They have more powers than county court bailiffs and a better success rate. The process is very simple, and there is just a low fixed court fee to transfer up.

If successful, the enforcement officer recovers the debt, the court fee, interest at 8% and his enforcement fees from the debtor.

You pay nothing.

If unsuccessful, perhaps the debtor can’t be found, is bankrupt or has no assets, then there is just an admin fee to pay.

To transfer your judgment, you can instruct us online. Make sure that all the details are exactly as shown on the judgment.

Then send a copy of the judgment, the court fee, and as much information as you know about your debtor.

At The Sheriffs Office we apply for the writ on your behalf, using our transfer up department. There is no charge for this service.

Once the writ is received we will start enforcement action. Our enforcement agent will attend to take control of the debtor’s goods and if payment is not agreed then the goods can be sold to satisfy the debt.

If you don’t yet have a judgment, please take a look at our video on how to obtain one.

To find out more or to instruct us, call 0333 001 5100 or visit us at