Going to ACAS or an employment tribunal can be stressful. And sadly that stress often continues, even after you have received your settlement or award, with many former employers paying out little or nothing.

If this has happened to you, you can take action now to get paid what you were awarded, plus interest.

The Sheriffs Office are High Court Enforcement Officers, HCEOs for short. We transfer up your award to the High Court and then attend your former employer’s premises to seize assets to sell to recover what you are owed. The only way to prevent this is to pay what is owed.

Simply go to our website and select “instruct us”. Choose form N471 to enforce an employment tribunal award or form N471A for an ACAS settlement.

We enforce ALL employment tribunal awards and ACAS settlements - there is no minimum value.

All you pay is a low fixed court fee. If enforcement is successful, this is recovered from your former employer, along with the award, interest and enforcement fees.

You pay nothing for enforcement. Even if the award cannot be enforced - because the company has gone into liquidation or there are no assets – there is nothing else to pay.

Call us today on 0333 001 5100 to find out how we can help.