On the 6th April 2014 distress for rent was abolished and replaced by CRAR, Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery to give it its full title.

You can use CRAR to recover commercial rent arrears if your tenant owes you at least seven days’ rent, provided there is a written lease in place.

You don’t need a court order but you do need to use a Certificated Enforcement Agent, such as The Sheriffs Office. Landlords can no longer enforce for rent themselves.

With CRAR you can only recover the actual rent owed.

If you wish to enforce for unpaid service charges or insurances, you will need a county court judgment. As authorised High Court Enforcement Officers we can enforce court judgments.

Please see our additional video guides on obtaining and enforcing judgments for more information.

Once instructed to recover your unpaid rent, we will start enforcement action against the tenant immediately.

If payment is not made in full within 7 days, our enforcement agent will attend to take control of the debtor’s goods and if payment is not agreed then the goods can be sold to satisfy the debt.

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