On Friday 14th January The Sheriffs Office successfully evicted 30 squatters from a 10 bedroom, £10 million house in Broadlands Road in Highgate, North London.

With a team of 8 high court enforcement officers, 10 security officers, a dog team and 4 police officers, the eviction took place at 2pm with the site cleared in under an hour.

Acting on behalf of their client, property owner Albert Abela, The Sheriffs Office used a Writ of Possession to gain High Court approval to enter the building, by force if necessary, and take possession of the property by evicting the squatters.

The squatters, mostly East European with some Brits, are led by Latvian Jason Riddick, who has chosen to live for free by squatting in various properties in Highgate.

Riddick was the last person to leave, and as he left, laughing nonchalantly, said he knew where he was going next. Another squatter, carrying bedding, was heard commenting that it was only a fifteen minute walk.

The client was extremely pleased the eviction went so smoothly, thanking The Sheriffs Office for their fast and efficient help, particularly as the writ was only issued the morning of the eviction to prevent a planned party from taking place, where more damage might be caused.

David Carter, Director of The Sheriffs Office commented:

“We are delighted to have assisted Mr. Abela with this high profile case and are pleased the squatters left without resistance. We believe they knew the eviction was today, as they were waiting with their bags already packed. Unfortunately, I suspect they are now moving on to cause a similar headache for yet another property owner.” 

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