This week we attended two neighbouring residential homes in an expensive suburb of Brighton to evict approximately 20 squatters.

Upon entering the properties in the early hours our officers were confronted with many sleeping squatters but also many dogs and puppies, which were very much awake.

The dogs were quickly dealt with but one squatter managed to gain access to the roof to one of the homes. The remaining squatters were promptly evicted and negotiations began with the man on the roof. 

He initially refused to come down and soon started to shout abuse and threatened to throw tiles off the roof. Our specialist height rescue team were on standby but before they attended he was persuaded to come down peacefully and safely despite calls from onlookers and his fellow squatters for him to jump!

Once on the ground he was quickly arrested by Police and found to be carrying a false driving licence and a knife. Thankfully the properties are now returned to their rightful owners.

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