Earlier this month, The Sheriffs Office blog announced that it would soon become much easier and quicker for people who have won employment tribunal awards or ACAS conciliation settlements to use High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEO) to actually get paid their award.

The new procedure is called the Employment Tribunal Fast Track scheme and starts on 6 April 2010 with a standard transfer up fee of £66 will apply.

The Tribunals Service is also recruiting new panel members to sit on employment tribunals to support the increasing workload of the service. 35 new employment judges were appointed last year and the Lord Chancellor has approved the appointment of 341 new panel members, 293 in England and Wales and 48 in Scotland.

We are delighted that the Fast Track scheme is coming in and look forward to supporting solicitors and their clients with outstanding awards.

We will be sending out a full briefing on the new scheme and how it works and what you need to do to instruct an HCEO for enforcement – watch this space!

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