The ITV programme Exposure has shown some bailiffs acting in an inappropriate manner while enforcing cases including unpaid Countil Tax and unpaid parking fines. It is very disappointing to see the actions of the few bringing into disrepute the professionalism of the majority and we are pleased to hear that the employment contract of the individual concerned has been terminated.

As Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers, we do not operate in the areas shown in this programme. We are part of a separate industry that is already well regulated. You can view the HCEO code of conduct on the HCEOA website.  

We are very aware that CIVEA, the Civil Enforcement Association which represents the bailiff industry, is working hard to reform civil enforcement legislation and we totally support them in this. The existing procedures, which are a mixture of common law, statute and regulations, are highly complex and outdated. CIVEA welcomed the passage of the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 but is greatly concerned by the apparent evaporation of interest by the Government in introducing the necessary regulations to implement the Act. Such reform is long overdue and would introduce measures such as a clear, simple and readily understandable fee structure which would benefit debtors, advice agencies and the enforcement industry alike.

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