In our last newsletter, we mentioned the Formula 1 trailers seized by The Sheriffs Office from US F1 and sold on eBay. The auctions were a huge success, with an significant amount of publicity and interest. We had 135,000 people visiting the eBay auction and 172 bids.

The sale was covered world wide in the news and there were many F1 fans blogging about their dreams of owning such a trailer! In total, the auctions raised £125,750, a little above our expectations.

We have had quite a few people ask us about other items we auction on eBay. As you might expect, with the nature of our business, we can never tell what items we will seize and when eBay is the right place to sell. We normally find the threat of seizure is enough to encourage payment of the debt.

However, do please add us to your favourite sellers list on eBay, and you will be notified whenever we do have an auction – it might be just what you’re looking for!

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