After an unsuccessful attempt by a US team to join F1 this year, two of their bespoke F1 trailers have been seized under a High Court order issued by a UK creditor and are now for sale on eBay.

Nothing in F1 comes cheaply but in accordance with the law these will be sold to the highest bidder, without a reserve. When new, they were estimated to have carried a £300,000 price tag each!

David Carter, Director of The Sheriffs Office, responsible for enforcing the High Court writ said: “As a keen motorsport fan, it is certainly one of the more interesting seizures we’ve made. The trailers were recently bought from Brawn GP by the judgment debtor and really are something special. We’ve already has a lot of interest and are now selling them via eBay”.

Prior to being purchased by the defendant, the trailers were owned by Brawn GP and currently feature their logo and the name Jenson Button 22 on the side.

One of the test trailers is a triple axle straight frame chassis with 1250mm pin height and the other is a triple axle step frame chassis with 1250mm pin height. The first trailer is for the transportation of equipment and has an engineers' office in front with space for 10 engineers.

The second trailer is for the transportation of three single seater race cars and equipment. It has a machine shop equipped with lathe/mill, draws/cupboards and overhead lockers. Both trailers have a two ton D’Hollandia Race Car tail lift with a central access door and aluminium clip on the steps, a Hydrovane compressor, and a serviced 90Kva Webb Generator.

You can view the test trailers on eBay.

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