Since 1 October 2009, every director must provide Companies House with both their usual residential address and a service address.

The service address can be any address (including the company registered office) and is available to the public, but the home address is only given to public authorities and credit-reference agencies.

The service address must be a place where documents can be delivered and a receipt can be provided, so PO Boxes and DX numbers are not allowed. If the director uses their home as the service address the fact that the two addresses are the same will not be apparent from the public record. Addresses on the public record on 30 September 2009 became that person's service address on 1 October and will remain so until new details are supplied. Supplying service addresses to Companies House is free.

This will affect enforcement as it will no longer be easy to obtain the director's home address. Our officers regularly attend home addresses in the search for assets of the company and this has proven to be a worthwhile method in the recovery of debts.

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