On 1st October 2013 at the Credit Excellence Awards, organised by CCR Magazine, The Sheriffs Office won the Legal and Enforcement Profession award.

The award is made in recognition of The Sheriffs Office’s long standing commitment to raising the profile of High Court enforcement amongst businesses and the general public and its ongoing work to making it easier for clients and debtors to work with them through the development of new systems and the launch of new services.

The presenting judge was Tony Whitman, council member, the Civil Court Users Association and the words he used were:

“The standard of entries this year was particularly high. It was not an easy task for the judges to decide on the three finalists, let alone the winner. After much deliberation however, the winner was chosen as they went above and beyond that of a simple enforcement organisation, for the benefit of their clients, the debtors, and the general public.”

In terms of raising the profile of High Court enforcement, this has been achieved through extensive and accessible material on its website, including articles, videos and eBooks, and also for the BBC show “The Sheriffs Are Coming”.

The Sheriffs Are Coming showcases the work of High Court Enforcement Officers and informs the viewers about how they can use an HCEO to enforce their judgment. It also does a great amount to counter the negative stereotypes of the bailiff industry and clearly demonstrates that those owed money are also victims of bad debt.

The show has been very successful: the BBC has commission further series, and to date it has been watched by 22.3 million, almost 40% of the viewing public. It has been nominated in the Daytime category in the National Television Awards.

David Carter, CEO of The Sheriffs Office comments:

“I am delighted that we have won the Credit Excellence Legal and Enforcement award. I thank every member of our team for all their commitment and hard work in getting us to where we are today and to win this award.”

(Press release)

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